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With all the responsibilities of running a business it is not all that surprising that often what we think will take care of itself, our employment practices, often slips through the cracks and ends up causing not just operational problems but also financial ones. We must make sure that we allocate the appropriate amount of time, effort and resources to managing our most important asset - our people.

"Anything that can go wrong with an employee will go wrong eventually." Murphy's Law of Employment

"Murphy was an optimist." O'Reilly's Law of Employment

HR Policy & Procedures

Whether you are a large or small business, we can develop a complete HR management system to suit your business. We can develop a system from the ground up, we can integrate your existing tools and methods into a compliant and practical management system, or we can develop specific and individual policy, forms or work procedures where you have an identified gap in your current system.

  • Corporate Policies
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Forms & Checklists
  • Document Control System

Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment involves the processes and procedures undertaken by an employer from the time a decision is made to employ to the time a person is confirmed as a new employee and is ready to commence work. The recruitment stage of employment includes the identification of the need for a new or replacement employee, job analysis, advertising, promotions and transfers, interviews, short-listing, testing of employees, reference and background checking, pre-employment health checks, preparing a contract of employment and making a job offer. Businesses seeking to recruit staff face a number of challenges including the difficulties in both attracting and retaining staff, the cost of recruitment, and ensuring that the right people are recruited the first time. As recruitment activities are affected by legislation, company policies and best practice principles, it is critical to achieve outcomes that are both legally compliant and right for your business.

  • Job Analysis
  • Position Descriptions
  • Selection Criteria
  • Position KPI's
  • Full Recruitment Service (advertising, recruiting, shortlisting, interviewing, selection & reference checking)

Performance Management

As the costs to replace existing employees continues to rise it becomes the prudent course of action to better manage employee conduct and performance and to focus efforts on staff retention, particularly in a tight labour market. For this reason retention strategies to combat the most common reasons why employees resign are critical and should be aligned with processes to manage the conduct and performance of employees and which protect and enforce the employer's rights where there are breaches of company policies and procedures, dishonesty, or other breaches of the law which may harm the employer, while providing for employees to be fairly appraised and have opportunity for job satisfaction, challenge and advancement.

  • Performance Reviews
  • Employee Development Plans
  • Training Needs & Skills Audits
  • Performance Counselling


"Termination of employment" may cover a broad range of issues including unfair dismissal, unlawful dismissal, resignation, redundancy, and retirement. In all cases, proper processes will continue to be critical in relation to any dismissals under the Fair Work Act 2009 which came into effect on 1 July 2009. To defend against unfair dismissal claims, employers must ensure they have appropriate disciplinary policies and procedures in place which will allow for the proper investigation of any employee under-performance, and provide the chance for an employee to achieve performance criteria set by the employer.

  • Counselling & Disciplinary Processes
  • Exit Interviews

HR Compliance & Management

A Human Resource Management System is a methodology used by a business to manage the human resource and industrial relations obligations within a business and provides a pro-active and systematic approach to managing people. The human resource function within an organisation has many and varied roles and needs to consider the many aspects of people management required by the business. From day to day administration, setting rules and developing culture, managing recruitment, performance and termination of employees, training, legal compliance and playing a strategic role in developing organisational capability, the HR function must ensure that it not only complies with the relevant legislative requirements, but also seeks to accomplish business objectives, become more efficient, improve employee commitment and create the capacity for organisational change.

  • HR Check Up
  • HR Management System Audits
  • Payroll Audits
  • Salary Benchmarking

HR Locum

It is often not practical or affordable, particularly for smaller businesses, to have a dedicated HR resource. Despite this fact it remains essential that business must address its people management issues not only from a legal compliance aspect but also to ensure that they are able to source the skills needed to remain competitive. Integrated HR Solutions is able to provide HR locum services from replacing an employee on leave, mentoring a new HR employee, or providing an additional resource for a specific task.

  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • Short Term HR Locum
  • Continuing HR Locum
  • Ad Hoc Assistance